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Using social media to boost your SEO

Search engine optimisation is a valuable digital marketing strategy in increasing your brands online visibility, but are you aware of the importance of utilising social media when it comes to SEO?

SEO is all about increasing your brands presence online and putting your business in front of your target audience. As social media is a great tool for increasing brand awareness, it goes hand in hand with SEO activities.

Although social media does not directly contribute to your websites SEO ranking, it does increase brand exposure and therefore can be used as an indirect tool to increase your search visibility and organic search ranking.

So why exactly should you use social media to support your SEO strategy?

  • Social media increases your brands visibility, leading to more link sharing

  • Social media insights and interaction data can help improve your SEO strategy

  • You can use social media to help identify the best audience for your business

  • Social media is a great place to conduct keyword and trend searches

  • Drive traffic to your website using direct links on social media posts

  • Having successful social pages can enhance your brands reputation and credibility

  • Having active social pages influences local search engine optimisation

Best practices for using social media to support your SEO strategy

When you post high quality material to your social media pages that connect with your target readers they become advocates, as you are offering them something of value. Meaning they will read and share the material with their friends and followers. In turn their friends will do the same and so on, leading to a boost in brand awareness. This is a great technique for attracting people to your website.

Content can be shared in different formats, as long as it engages your audience. Some types of content that drive traffic and shares are:

  • Blog posts

  • Videos

  • Infographics

  • Podcasts

This content offers your audience useful information that makes them keep coming back to your social pages/website and ultimately drives leads.

However, you won't make a significant impact if you don't distribute content properly, which is where social media comes in. When you share posts to your social pages, your audience amplifies your content by sharing it further. In this way, you increase visibility, improve traffic, and generate backlinks.

Top social media tips

Here are our top tips for improving your social pages and increasing your brand awareness on social media:

  • Publish high quality content

  • Include links to your website on posts, as this helps drive traffic to your website

  • Make sharing your content easy

  • Ensure you use high-quality and original images

  • Build relationships with your audience through discussions and comment sections

  • Use your logo and branding consistently

Social media can be a great digital marketing tool and can really compliment your SEO efforts when used correctly, so to find out more about how Responsive Web Design could help your business grow online, check out more of our website here:



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